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I just want you to know that the package arrived and we are beyond thrilled with the pins and magnets you helped design for us! They are so fabulous, I know they will sell well and represent our organization perfectly.  We have always displayed the pins on their cards stuck to a bulletin board. 

Thank you for all your hard work and please share our delight with the end product with all involved.

Caryl Hallberg, Executive Director
Covenant to Care for Children
Bloomfield, CT 06002


I would like to re-order 100 Butterfly Pins please.  Also I would like 40 friends/Women Pins.  The Butterfly pins I ordered last time were a hit and we want more to sell at our South Pacific Area Meeting in October.  What a great fundraiser!

Janice Woolrych
Quota International of Nambour Inc
Woombye, Qld, 4559


We love the pins and they are an amazing outreach tool  for us as we fundraise! I love to hear the “ripple effect” stories of the pins and there are lots out there!
Happy New Year, 

Community Educator
Turning Points Network


The Cancer Support Community Delaware’s had a butterfly release event in memory and honor of cancer patients. It was beautiful and I sold all my Butterfly Pins

Brenda Beissel
June 30, 2011


Lucinda & Company - I received my pins today and I've got one thing to say - THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure my friends will absolutely love them! I wear them on my lanyard for my work badge and love them!! They are beautiful. The pictures on the website do not do them justice at all.
Pls pass my admiration onto Lucinda - you guys do wonderful work!


We love the pins and so do our customers! I love to watch the ripple of enthusiasm that the pins create…it’s led to some very interesting connections for us! Thanks for such a GREAT product that helps raise money AND awareness!!!


Kerry Rochford Hague
Community Educator
Turning Points Network



I had to share something with you.  I attended a Victims Tribute last night (April 13, 2011) and at the end of evening after the main speaker was finished and the closing candlelight ceremony was over, a lady and two teenage girls came up to my table and discovered that I had your Butterfly Pins for sale. They literally gasped and one jumped for joy (really).  Apparently one of the teenager's mother had been murdered and she was with her aunt (sister to the deceased) and cousin (niece to the deceased) and the butterflies meant a great deal to them remembering and honoring the mother, sister and aunt that they had lost.  I overheard them as they were leaving saying that they would all wear their new Lucinda Butterfly Pins to church on Sunday.

Thanks for what you all do to help others cope in so many ways!
Brenda Beissel
April 14, 2011


"I am raising funds for - St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Sunbury, PA and Doberman Rescue of the Triad in Greensboro,North Carolina.  These pins definitely easier than a bake sale, plus they last longer and are zero calories!  My order of Cross Pins with bails sold like hotcakes!  And, selling is FUN - people are just amazed at the detail and color!  You can get great conversations started!" 

Thank you so much! 
Glenda Wolfe

Hurray! We figured out how to take MasterCard & Visa for pin sales.  We have been selling since yesterday morning, and we must be up to around $3,000 already!  The crosses are a big hit.  Some people are buying 6 or 8 at a time!  Everyone loves the new styles as well as the old standbys.

Virginia Tinsley
UMW Logo                   
Housing & Homeless Council
Cumming, Georgia


Sold 30 pair of Lucinda Earrings at our School of Christian Mission plus several pins.  Total sales $2,317.00. It was a 4 day event.  Total 400 in attendance.  My inventory is really low!

Marlene Crowder
Lucille Raines Residence
Indianapolis, Indiana


”Recently a little school in Fairhaven, VT with only 200 children have been able to sell 100 Little Pal Pins in just 6 weeks.  In less than a year we have ordered 920 pins.  We’ve raised over $3000.
The pins sell themselves.”
Prevent Child Abuse, VT
Ed Bride


The Charleston S.C. Chums Chapter ordered 640 Women Pins.  Here’s what they had to say;  “We would highly recommend the pins as a fundraiser.  Looking forward to working with you some more.”      Chums
Durena and Carolyn


We ADORE the pins and tags. They are gorgeous. We absolutely love them!!!   Thanks so much for your hard work. Please share our pleasure with all!  The Eastern specialty is in March, and the National in May - we'll be taking the fundraisers along - and hopefully be reordering very soon!

I had four whippet friends over on Saturday, and it was a FEEDING FRENZY over the pins and tags - squeals of delight, hoarding of pins and designs - no one left without five!!! 
Whippet-ly yours


Thank you for filling our orders so quickly during the holiday rush.  Our sales at the mall resulted in sales totaling over $26,000 that's $7,000 over last year.  The calendar year was over $57,000. 

Thank you for all of your considerations.
Marge Daily
Aux of Francis House
Syracuse, NY


Lucinda & Company-Thanks for your ongoing support of a struggling non-profit in Spartanburg, SC. Because of your beautiful pins and jewerly the Bethlehem Center has raised over $135,000 since 2003. Hat's off to you, No it's pins off to you!

Bethlehem Center
Paula Wiggs


"When I went to the post office to pick up the tags and I sold 3 right out of the box!  The tags are
out  selling  the  pins 5 to 1.  We started with 180 tags and have now reordered 320 more!"
Roxane Claes
British Columbia SPCA


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing your product to Safe Kids at the 2008 Conference.  We had originally put through an order for 150 pins as a trial fundraiser; we never thought they would catch on as fast as they have.  I had my pin on last week and the manager from our Children's Hospital thought they were great.  She thought these pins would be a perfect gift for the nursing staff at our Children's Hospital and Clinics for Nurses Week 2009.  She ran the idea by the other managers and within days, they all had placed an order with me for the pins.  We haven't even conducted our first fundraising event with these pins, and we have already placed another order for 400 more!  These pins are a wonderful way to raise money for our coalition, and looking stylish doing so.
Thank you,
Safe Kids Logo
Safe Kids Fargo/Moorhead                                     
Injury Prevention Coordinator
MeritCare Children's
Fargo ND