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We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us while you are deciding on a design for yourself or choosing a fundraising assortment for your non profit.  Order fundraising packs of 30 pins per style on-line.  If you are interested in receiving more variety in your order, give us a call to place a minimum order of 60 (up to 3 styles 20 minimum of each) over the telephone.

All of our unique designs are individually created and handcrafted in Maine, so no two designs are exactly alike.  We promise you exceptional quality and crafts-woman-ship.

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With our 29 years of experience helping non profits run successful fundraising compaigns we know what works and we'll share it with you.

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Lucinda's picks are her favorites.  She has specially selected each one and signed the back for her pin fans.  Choose a pin from the Lucinda's Picks Carousel above or see more in Lucinda's Picks and you will receive that specific pin that is featured. 

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