Marketing Resources

Promotional Cards:PC

We provide a pin card with each pin that shares the inspirational story behind Lucinda pins.  The promotional pin card is designed to display our unique fundraising pins in a picture perfect way.  Open the card and you will find a special spot for your organization to affix a label about your cause and any information you may want to share with the purchaser of the pin.  New pin owners will be able to have information about your organization (telephone and website address) at their fingertips.  Since pins are oftentimes given as gifts, having easy to access contact information on where to purchase more pins will enhance your fundraising efforts.

Table Signs & Conversations: Our fundraising pins draw in crowds at non-profit trade shows conferences, bazaars, craft fairs and other events. Make sure to have an a sign that identifies your non-profit.

Because “no two pins are alike” expect people to be at your table for 10 or 15 minutes trying to “see” every pin.  While groups congregate in your area to view and choose pins you have the perfect opportunity to talk to them.  It’s the time to shine!  Take this time to educate them about your non profit and also share the Lucinda Pin Story. When you do this you create a tipping point.  What’s the tipping point?  That’s the moment when the people at your table “get” how cool the connection is between your Non Profit and the Lucinda story.  They feel inspired and want to share their new discovery with their friends, family, and co-workers.  This leads to buying multiple pins and spreading the word about your non profit on their lapels.  What’s better than that?  We make the fun whimsical one-of-kind Lucinda pins that draw people to you.  You share the story of how it all works and together we are “Changing the World One Pin at a Time.” 

Priceless Word of Mouth:

Think beyond the pin sale.  Here at Designs by Lucinda we don’t say we are selling pins. We say we are selling relationships.  Each Lucinda pin sold has the potential to build a long lasting relationship between a non profit and donor.  They are similar to wedding bands.  They are pins signifying a union between a donor and a non profit. 
These symbolic fundraising pins worn on lapels act as reminders of our relationship to a non profit.   Every pin has the potential to start a conversation about a non profit and the unique artistic quality makes them highly visible and cause a personal engagement between two people. Or maybe it’s the magic we sprinkle on each one as it is made.  Whatever it is, thousands and thousands of conversations have taken place between people who have either seen or purchased a pin!   Designs By Lucinda fundraising pins are a creative, effective way to share information, raise awareness and raise funds for all causes.  Their impact on lives extends long after the initial purchase of the pin.  Your organization benefits from these long lasting impressions.  "Life is about stories and Lucinda pins bring stories to life".