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Are you looking for a unique fundraiser with a proven track record?

Do you want a fundraising opportunity that is original, easy and profitable?

Do you want a fundraiser that keeps people talking about your Non Profit?

If you answered YES then you’ve come to the right place and you are on your way to a successful and fun fundraising campaign. 

Anyone can do it!  We speak from experience because we have raised more than $30mil for over 8,000 non-profits.  Our very first customers from 1989 still, 27 years later, use our one-of-a kind pins to fundraise and create awareness for their non-profit.  

It's fun and it's easy.  Our pins sell themselves.  It all starts by wearing a pin and carrying ten in your purse.  Lucinda pins are conversation starters that produce on the spot sales as soon as people see them.  Our highly visable fundraising pins affect awareness for the non profits selling them.  Their color, vibrancy and uniqueness make both a fashion and social statement. 

They are walking billboards for non profits.  People who sport Lucinda pins become ambassadors for non-profits through the conversations they start.  It’s a simple idea that really works.  We call it “The Power of the Pin!”

We help non profits fundraise, but just as important, we build solid networks in communities that spread knowledge, passion and commitment to causes.  We do it like no one else because we know that raising awareness for a Non Profit is critical to revenue sustainability. 

The more people learn about a Non Profit and become connected to that Non Profit in a meaningful way, the more likely they are to become a life time loyal supporter.  Lucinda Pins remind them everyday of the Non Profit they supported through their purchase. 

Every Lucinda pin worn and sold has a meaningful story and is a conversation about a Non Profit.  Our customers call us everyday and share “pin stories.” Don’t you want that conversation to be about your non profit? 

Here are the basics to get started or pick up the phone and we will get you on your way to a successful fundraising campaign.  We're here M-F 8am to 5pm EST 800 799 6116 with a commitment to our customer’s success with a first rate fundraising product, effective fundraising tips, email news updates and marketing materials.  Together we are “Changing the World One Pin at a Time!”  

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