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Your Wish Is My Command

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The Play it Forward Lulu cube has been launched!  It happened in the small town of Peoria, Illinois on April 17th.  That’s the day that the YWCA’s Leaders Luncheon was held.  The YWCA is the largest provider of homeless services in the community.  The average age of a homeless person in Peoria is 10 years old; a hard truth to accept.

It was my privilege to be the keynote speaker.

Not only was I excited about being able to share my personal story of homelessness but I was also able to revisit how Designs by Lucinda was born in 1989 as the creator of pins with purpose that helped the homeless.  The YWCA had 3 wishes.  More volunteers, more people talking about their cause and more donations.

As the keynote unfolded it became clear that the audience held the hope for changing the lives of the homeless in Peoria.  They learned that they are part of the solution.  As the speaker, I wanted to give them MORE than something to think about as a take away.  I needed to give them some thing to do, a simple and easy call to action.  An action step that would satisfy the 3 wishes  of the YWCA.  Ah!  I knew just what to do.  I would give them a physical take away,  something they could actually hold in their hands.  My newest fundraising idea, LULU Cubes would be perfect!

The Play It Forward LULU Cube is designed as a fundraising donation bank to be passed along from one person to another until the bank is filled with coins or bills.  As the cube is passed along the organization also gains exposure and visibility.  The donors become engaged with the organization.  YWCA, all 3 wishes are your command!  As the final note to my keynote the LULU Cube was launched right then and there!

The audience left with LULU Cubes in hand and I wondered how many other hands they will reach, how many new people will learn that the new homeless, 10 yr olds and about the services the YWCA is providing to those children and their families.  I said a silent little prayer “let the LULU Cubes be filled”.  As I watched my ever so attentive audience depart one by one toting their LULU Cube, I smiled as I realized that was my applause!

You can see what happens and follow the LULU Cubes in Peoria on this Facebook Page.