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The personal story of Lucinda Yates and her creation of a House Pin are the foundation of a company with a conscience.

We are a cause-related business dedicated to creating affordable handcrafted jewelry of the highest quality for the purpose of bringing financial help and awareness to non-profit organizations and their causes worldwide.

Providing uniquely designed wearable art that benefits social causes through symbolic representation and whimsical creations, Designs By Lucinda has helped non profits raise over $30 million with fundraising jewelry and has sparked endless conversations about serious social concerns since the company's inception in 1989.

The facility is located in South Portland, Maine.  All our pins are hand assembled by Lucinda’s Designers, a team of artists who work to create one-pin-at-a time.  Lucinda pins are then protected and made to last with a special coating, inspected for quality, packed and then shipped from our facility in Portland, Maine. 

Designs by Luicnda now has created a line of 50+ theme based since its' inception in 1989. Each of our pins is handled more than 100 times before it is shipped to our customers.  Our non profit clients number over 8,000 organizations with pins sold in England, Germany, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Haiti, Jamaica, Iceland, Great Britain and all across the United States.  Our international distribution shows we really mean it when we  say we are “Changing the WORLD One Pin at Time”.  Read what our clients have to say about us.

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